Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

My two year old is currently obsessed with bugs! I’ve started thinking about some ways to encourage his curiosity this summer and thought I would share some of the resources I found.

Coloring pages from Easy Peasy and Fun


Activities & Crafts: 

Band-Aid Lightening Bugs from No Time for Flash Cards

Band-Aid Lightening Bugs from No Time for Flash Cards


Back Yard Bug Snacks

Backyard Bug Snacks, from Crafting Chicks

Here are some of my top picks for some “surprises” he might be getting this summer too! 

You can explore each item by hovering over the “dot” on the product, where you will also find a link directly to the product. I hope you enjoy exploring!



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Trying Again!

It’s been a while since my last post..quite a few months.

I had been on a roll with daily writing and was excited that the blog I had thought about for years was finally happening.

and then…I hit a wall. I would plan out posts…but the motivation was gone.

Life took over, around the time of my last post we were getting ready to put our home of 7 years on the market, which then sold..and it was a whirlwind from that point on.

Another aspect is the fact that I am a work-from-home-mom, and I think I was trying to compartmentalize my life a little too much, some times it was hard to switch off from “mom” mode to “teacher/facilitator” mode especially if I didn’t have a course running at the time.

Then it hit me, why I am fighting to keep the two separate? Why can’t I share ideas for both parents and teachers?

So here I am….trying again….hopefully in a way that best fits my life while at the same time providing ideas, resources and inspiration for parents and educators.

Let’s see if this works! 🙂



Setting Goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about setting goals and how I can realistically set goals for myself. I currently have three different areas of my life that I need goals for and I find myself getting overwhelmed…which means I don’t use my time efficiently.

I currently have a laminated goal sheet that hangs near my desk, each month I update and create new goals. I like it as a visual reminder since it’s in a spot where I see it everyday…but I think I need more that.

I want to break down each goal with specific steps I need to take through the month to reach the goal...of course the easy thing would be to just write it all out…but I’m learning that I respond better to visuals. My goal today was to find some resources or inspiration to create my own goal setting chart.

At a time of year when educators are finishing up another year and thinking about their goals for the summer or the next school year, I thought I would share some of my finds…

  • The plumed nest has one that breaks down goals into actionable steps, there are a few others in the blog post, but I especially liked the “small steps everyday” one. smallsteps
  • Since one of my goals for this summer is to learn/practice Sketchnoting, I thought this one from Warrior Girl would be a good fit as well. (Allowing me to practice one of the goals while setting them!) goal1
  • This one from Buttoned-Up works like a flow chart, I do like that they were are spots to check off when it’s done and give specific due dates for each task. goallist_large
  • Although these printables from Remodelaholic don’t help you plan your goals, they might be nice to hang up somewhere to remind you of your goals.

I think since I’ve been excited about trying Sketchnoting I’m going to get started using the brainstorm web one…which might lead to another…we’ll see how it goes!

Do you have a specific way you make or keep track of your goals? 


#edblogaday, May 28th: My Summer Learning and Goals

I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my writing this month, we went on vacation, where I thought I would catch up, but it didn’t quite work out like that. We’re back and settling into our usual routine, which means I’m hoping to be back in the challenge to finish out the month! One prompt that I remember missing while I was away was focused around summer learning and what we were hoping to learn or do over the summer.

Here are my summer learning events and goals: 

1. Going to ISTE for the first time! I’m so excited about this, for the past five years it was just never the right time/location for me to attend. This year it worked out perfectly! My family is joining me on the trip, so they will explore Philadelphia while I attend the conference. I’m going to have the opportunity to meet many people face-to-face that I’ve worked with through Powerful Learning Practice and I feel like this is really going to motivate me and inspire me to find new ways to support educators.

2. I just signed up for a MOOC, Teaching Online: Reflections on Practice .

3. I want to learn Sketch Noting, or practice it, especially before ISTE. I have a lot of resources saved and just haven’t been able to set aside time to work on it….maybe I need to make it a blogging goal? Incorporate a Sketch Note at least once a week?

4. Not really teacher/education related, but I stumbled across this today, a book/workshop to develop your photography and editing skills while at the same time completing some self-exploration. (Maybe it would translate well into a situation with kids and kicking of a school year? Wheels are turning…)

I’m really excited about all of these opportunities, at the same time though, I have a lot of fun things planned with my kids, so it’s really going to be about balance!


#edblogaday, May 12th: Happy Thoughts

A few years back I bought the Oodles of Doodles book to have on hand in my classroom. I thought it would be a great resource for inspiration for kids and a fun break when needed.

That year, as our state tests approached, I just so happened to find one that said “My Happy Thought….”, it was a little girl sitting a desk with a thought bubble over head. It got me thinking about the power of being positive and encouraging my students to think positive as they were taking the state tests.

Being inspired by the doodle book, I asked students to draw out their happy thoughts. We then posted them up on our front board, so at any point throughout the testing they were feeling nervous or anxious they could take a little “happy thought” break.

Some students asked to have their at the desks, while others who left the room, took them with them.

I hope that by me staying positive about the tests and encouraging my students to be positive, it made the tests a little more manageable for them.

Here is a Happy Thought image that I created to use in my eCourses, feel free to use it!